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What's an APRS-Tracker? It's an electronic part, that tracks your way via a GPS-Receiver. To publish the information of your actual location, it uses the APRS Network that is built up by ham radio operators. In fact, my project is an improved version of the WhereAVR Project. I'm using an Atmel AT-Mega 8 microcontroller.

Please keep in mind: This project is still under development. Most of its parts are working fine, but testing is not yet completed. Changes are like too be just inside the software. Please consider this fact, if you want to build up my tracker. If you are finding bugs don't hasitate xxxx emailing me. My email adress is available on the contact page.

News: Due to considerations of a ham's suggetions the temperature sensor was removed from the PCB. This led to a small redesign of the layout.

News: There's a new software availabe. Current version is from 22. May 2008. The new documentation (still in german, but I'm working on the translation) is also avaliable. Last change was made 22. May 2008, too.

Old News: I wrote an FAQ, last change 17. May 2008.

New Service: PCB and all the parts needed to build up the tracker are avaliable at Christian, DF6EF's homepage.




Ausrüstung für APRSOn the picture you see a complete setup for APRS-Tracking. Well, the antenna and power supply is missing. On the left you see a GPS mouse with serial output, next to it the tracker and on the right a modified KF-163. This a an taxi radio that can be changed easily into a 2 meter ham radio be just inserting some diodes and a new RF-tuning of the coils and oszilator parts. You can buy them at Ebay.

Some legal words: You can build up this project without any license costs. As I used code from the WhereAVR-Project these are under the copyright of the author.

My changes on software, schematics and layout may be used without profit. Any other using is strictly forbidden! If you feel unsure just contact me.

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